Practise level one or push on with level two?


So it’s been a while since I was on here with one thing and another, but I have soldiered on and have just finished the last challenge of level 1 (still can’t believe I stuck with it this long as I am not a sticker-at-things, so it is a testament to the way the courses are set out, in my opinion). There are a few things that are not sticking or not making much sense but I can accept that they will eventually filter in… with practice… and therein lies the problem!

What is a shy girl who lives in England to do? I have one Welsh guy at work, who seemed ok with the idea of practising with me a bit, but when it came to it, I just couldn’t get a word out - talk about stage fright! It was very awkward and I can’t really bring myself to ask again…

I travel to Wales a few times a year (lucky for me I am just over the Severn Bridge, so it’s just a short trip), and we went to Pembrokeshire over the summer (beautiful and a week of sunshine too :sunny:), and I just don’t really hear much spoken Welsh - when I do it’s private conversation and I can’t really just butt in!

Is it better to find someone to practise with now OR is it ok to just plough on with level 2 regardless? Or does it not really matter all that much and it will all go in the most stubborn/forgetful head eventually? :smiley:


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There’s a monthly meeting in Chepstow and one in Newport which are in the newsletter.

In my (limited) experience, your Welsh will improve by ploughing on with the course and finding people to talk with.

I would if you can, try to do a little every day even if it’s just practising what you already know. I have met people who don’t use their Welsh from one week to the next and unsurprisingly their progress is very slow.

You could also try Skype. There are plenty of people on here who would love to chat with a fellow learner.

Felly, dal ati. Ti’n gwneud yn dda iawn yn barod.

So keep at it. You are doing very well already.


Thank you @petermescall - Chepstow would def be doable for me, with a bit of planning :slight_smile:

I have been doing something most days - I listen to one challenge a day during the week, which takes me to work and halfway home, and then listen to Radio Cymru the rest of the way home. I can pick out the odd word and the occasional phrase, which is quite exciting really! :slight_smile: But it’s talking in a conversational way and being able to ask questions in the moment about language/construction that I am missing, I think.

So I will look out for a Skype thread or similar, to keep me going and otherwise get onto level 2!! (Already :open_mouth: )

Mae’n mynd yn eitha’ clou, ond yw e?! :wink:


Ar ôl dwy mis, ti wedi gwneud yn dda iawn.

Mae’n bwysig ymarfer mor cymaint a phosib, felly mae’n syniad da i wrando ar y radio hefyd.

Pob lwc, a gad i mi wybod sut ti’n gwneud.

After two months, you’ve done very well.

It is important to practice as much as possible, so it’s a good idea to listen to the radio too.

Good luck, and let me know how you’re doing.


As Peter said, both is the ideal here - but while you’re bracing yourself to go to meetings (or hook up on Skype, plenty of people here keen to do that), if you just do your last listening exercise from the end of Level 1 every day, you’re fine to plough on with Level 2 without worrying about specifically practising Level 1… :slight_smile:


Thanks for the words of encouragement @petermescall - I could understand most of that bit in welsh too, heh :slight_smile:
@aran - good idea re just redoing the last challenge (the revision challenge!) and then I will start level two and see if anyone fancies a Skype.
I am inordinately nervous about it though… I will have to take a deep breath and jump in!

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More than happy to Skype if you want.

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That will work well too, but what I specifically had in mind was the listening exercise - the accelerated listening exercise from the download page for Challenge 25? :slight_smile:

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Aah OK - I misunderstood (and I can’t even say it’s because it’s Friday. …) thanks @aran, I will try that also…

@petermescall that’s a very kind offer, thank you! Let’s go for it… unless it will be a problem that I’m learning south and you’re in the north (and so I assume learning north Welsh)?

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Paid a phoeni. Mae’n dda i ymarfer.

Dont worry. Its good to practise