Practice in Caerphilly/ Cardiff

Hi SSIW friends!
I’ve seen on the forum there have been meet ups in the Mochyn Du in Cardiff… Do these still take place does anyone know… Or are there any other local groups in the Caerphilly area that meet to practice!?

Hi Pat,

I believe the Mochyn Du is meet up is still going, I think there is a Monday night meet up in Chapter. For Cardiff there’s more info at:

And for Caerphilly:

Pob hwyl



Shwmae Pat,
The meets at Y Mochyn Du do indeed still take place. They normally happen on the 1st Monday evening of every month between 7-9pm. The next one will be on the 7th September, and at the moment, work permitting, I may well be the only one there as a few of our regulars will be on holidays.
There is also a meet every 3rd Saturday morning of the month at Coffee #1 in Wood Street (near Cardiff Central Rail Station) between 10:30 and 12 noon. Whether there will be a meet this month or not is unconfirmed though, being summer and with people on their holidays.
Also, I believe there may still be a meet in Whitchurch, Cardiff Every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon at the Aro Ling Buddhist Centre in Merthyr Road.

If you can get to Newport, there’s a meet there every 2nd Saturday of each month at Coffee #1 in Commercial Street between 10:30 and 12 noon.

There should be threads on this forum for all these locations.


Hello dai,
Diolch! That’s great… I followed the Caerphilly link and there’s a coffee morning in the wetherspoons so that’s great for a start!

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Hiya Gav…
I really appreciate your reply! Diolch.
I will try to make the Mochyn Du so it’ll be good to meet you then… Back in school by then… !!!
Many thanks,

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There’s also a Siop Siarad group who meet in Pontypridd every Monday evening, details at the foot of the weekly e-mail.

Hiya Gerald,
Diolch yn fawr!