Possible mention for SSiW in 'Cegin Bryn' - new S4C cookery show

I’ve had an exciting email from Frédérique in France, who has learnt Welsh with SSiW and been on a bwtcamp!

Here’s the gist of it:

Last year Boom Cymru contacted me to get information about Paris because they wished to come to France and film new programs. I “worked” for them for months and they accepted my proposals. They also asked me to be part of the program in Paris, which I accepted. I stayed a whole day in Paris with the team last October and as usual spoke about SaySomethinginWelsh in the film (there are of course other ways to learn Welsh but this method is worth and learning is easy and quick) but I do not know at all what the show will look like as it only lasts 30 mn and what they have kept.

I was told by the television that “Cegin Bryn” in Paris will be shown on television shortly, ie, on August 29th in the evening at 20:25pm. You can also watch it one week later on September 5th in the afternoon at 13:30pm.

Here are the details :

in Wales you can use : SKY 104, Freeview 4, Virgin TV 166 or FreeSat 104
Outside Wales : SKY 134, , Virgin TV 166 or FreeSat 120

S4C will also promote the series on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram :

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CeginBryn/

Twitter: @CeginBryn

Instagram: cegin_bryn_s4c

It should be great if many people, in or outside Wales, could see “Cegin Bryn” not because I am part of the program but because I should like to convince S4C to go back to France and film in Vosges and Alsace where I come from. If this new program that takes place in France (a few other cities have also been chosen) is a big success, they might come back and film new episodes in my area next year.


How cool - diolch, Frédérique, whether or not it makes the final cut! :star: :star2:

Here’s the link to the episode of Cegin Bryn yn Ffrainc featuring Frédérique! Lovely to see her chatting so naturally in Welsh!