Polyglot Conference in Berlin

Just wondering if anyone else here is going to the Polyglot Conference in Berlin at the end of this month. I’d love to be able to chat in Cymraeg with someone. I’m sure that would raise some curiosity!

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Me and my friend Steve are planning to go - we’ve been reserved for a while and have been conversing with the organisers via email about accommodation - but we’re having trouble getting the international payment sent, and are hoping that they will respond to us and that it isn’t too late!

Fingers crossed! It would be great to see you there.

Got a positive response from the organiser, and we booked flights yesterday, so looks like I’ll see you there :slight_smile:

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Found this interesting blog today, by Simon Ager, who lives in Bangor, and apparently spoke at the Polyglot conference:

(About the origin of “arfordir”).

Lots of other interesting things on the blog (only some of which is about Welsh).

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Just getting back online after a hectic 2 weeks, so sorry about the late reply. Yes, I met Simon in Berlin and he’s a very interesting person. We sang Frère Jacques together in Welsh one evening where the goal was to see how many different languages it could be sung in - the Klingon version is hysterical!