Pobol y Cwm...Audio Recordings?

One of the ways in which I’m trying to gwella my understanding of spoken Welsh is watching Pobol y Cwm. Since the episodes expire, I’ve taken to recording the audio to listen to later.

Would anyone be interested in these recordings? If so, I can upload what I have and post a link here. The recordings are about 16-17MB in size and they’re in MP3 format…which means they can be loaded on an iPod or other MP3 capable device.

Yes please. Here in Germany I cannot get S4C, so I would be very pleased to at least hear some episodes. Roger

This sounds like a great way to improve your Welsh and it’s very kind of Cyd to offer to share, but I’m just a bit nervous of the legality of this. It’s something that needs to be looked into. As much as I’m in favour of people having every opportunity to improve their Welsh I would hate to see SSiW accused of sharing pirated material, which is how it might look.

Excellent point Dee. I’ll hold off until I can look into this…which may be sooner than later as my adsl line is on the fritz.