I wonder if anyone can help me? On a recent visit to Pwllheli, I purchased a CD by a brilliant band called PLU. I’ve searched google and youtube but haven’t yet been able to find any more information on them - website , contact or anything. Can anyone help??


On a recent visit to Pwllheli

Ex-squeeze me?

SSiWers who get as far as Pwllheli are meant to visit (or offer us an excuse to come out for a panad!)…

Dwi’n licio Plu…

Plu is two sisters and a brother. I think the one you’ve got is their only album so far.

It’s a beautiful album and I love it!! Will definitely come over next time Aran - black no sugar.
Thanks Dinas and James . I’d looked on Facebook for Plu, but not pluband.
You’re all brilliant. x

Thal : Plu is two sisters and a brother.

We have a standing joke in our house that round at Plu’s house, their parents are tearing their hair out wondering how to get their kids to play on their XBoxes or go out and vandalise some phone boxes, or something.

Very good. Where is their sense of purpose?
Their voices are beautiful separately - but together they’re frighteningly superb. Perhaps that’s genetics.
I may never forgive my parents.

Will definitely come over next time Aran - black no sugar.

Good - I’m not sure if we have any sugar…:smile:

Plu played a number of times on the various Eistedfodd stages last month, you might also enjoy ‘Saron’ a band who have reformed, and also played at the Eisteddfod, after being very popular two decades ago ------ shades of Edward H Dafis

I think you’ve been taken in, Stu. Both of the singers in Saron are only around two decades old themselves!

OOOPS they have recorded new versions of songs from that time…I met and spoke to the band so I should know better

Saron (and stablemates Bur Hoff Bau - pronounced bwr hoff baw, somewhat confusingly) are an experiment in re-creating a particular genre sound from the early 'Seventies. In the case of Saron, they are supposed to be a long-lost but now reformed girl group in the tradition of, say, Sidan. In fact it’s all a tounge-in-cheek confidence trick by the Klep Dim Trep record label, though the music is dead serious and Gruff Rhys is a big fan - he was calling Saron “the best band in the world” from the stage at Gwyl Gwydir and it was obvious that he wasn’t joking.
Bur Hoff Bau, by contrast are supposedly a Krautrock quintet that long ago recorded an album and then split. The effect is somewhat spoiled by the obvious fact that the band’s members are easily recognisable as musicians from Eitha Tal Ffranco, Candelas and Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog.

All of which is a bit useless if you’re looking for other good contemporary folk-ish stuff. How about Siddi?

Gruff Rhys has been interviewed on 6 music. Interesting man. I’ll give all those bands a listen.
Also heard that there was a new compilation of Welsh music out this week. I heard someone called Falcon who sounded good. Thanks for sharing the information. It’s great to learn new stuff.

Hi Sam - it’s a free download compilation from Recordiau Cae Gwyn:

Thanks Rob! I’m going to start listening now.