Please Help With a Welsh Liturgical Emergency! Sun 12 April

Will someone please help me? It would be both an inconvenience for you (probably) and a major act of kindness (definitely). Long story short: I will be reading Ioan 1:1-17 this Sunday in church-- yn Gymraeg! I need a mp3 of the William Morgan translation: something I can download on to my ipod and learn on Friday night/Saturday morning during an all-night vigil (my church celebrates Easter this Sunday, so this week is Holy Week). I promise that

  1. I will practice at the vigil.

  2. I will light a candle and pray for the person who records this for me.

This is a once-a-year opportunity for me at best, and I’ve never done it before.

Catrin might be able to help with this - she needs to have a session or two of various bits of recording in the near future - but she’s out today lending a hand to her brother - I’ll ask her when she gets back :sunny:

Dioch yn fawr!

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Here you go :sunny:


Thank you! (And I will light a candle for you tonight.)

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It was a pleasure to listen to, even for those of us without a particular interest in reading the Bible.

(as it happens, we inherited a Welsh Beibl, albeit a modern one. It might be interesting to compare the passage in both versions).

For Catrin! :sunny:


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Catrin has such a lovely voice!


Diolch. :blush: :heart: