Place to stay in North Wales - any recommendations?

Hi folks,

Hope everyone has had a good summer. I spent mine learning Welsh on summer courses at Bangor and Aberystwyth.

I’d like to stay in North Wales to undertake the Superuwch course at Bangor Uni. But I’m looking for a place to stay in order to do so. I’ve been staying in Caernarfon the last few weeks and have a place until 22nd September. I’ll be away for a few weeks then and am looking for a place to stay from the 8th October! Half term is 26 October - 5th November. I’ll be away then but then back until end of the course on 13th December.

If anyone knows of anyone renting a room or a house please drop me a line. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be for the entire time. I have an option to stay near Newborough on Anglesey but it’s a bit remote and there are limited opportunities for easy Welsh language mingling there but it’s a good fall back option.
I’m location flexible. Would be very appreciative if anyone has suggestions.

All the best, Chris

I’ll keep an eye/ear out for you, Chris, and will ask around the office tomorrow in case any of my colleagues know of anywhere.

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In the meantime, would you like to tell us more about the Superuwch course at Bangor Uni?
Sounds interesting.

Edit: Ah, ok, found this:

Looks pretty good (and good value) for those in the right place, with the time (and ability! :slight_smile: ).

But would still be interesting to hear your take on it.

From my experiences of learning Welsh on short residential courses over the last few years which includes Lampeter, Nant, Bangor and latterly Aberystwyth I’d say Bangor is the most practically orientated to get you up to speed with speaking naturally. Caveat - I haven’t done a SSiW bootcamp. All of the Dysgu Cymraeg courses in North Wales cost about the same - the idea being that cost shouldn’t inhibit you from taking a course and encouraging you to invest as much time as you can for the same low cost. I’ve spoken to quite a few learners now about the Superuwch course at Bangor and heard good things. I have the time until the end of the year to be able to do 3 days a week (09:30 -14:30). I’ve focused on northern welsh and like north Wales so it’s a good option for me. I’ve been given a good overview of which classes are available where students and generally keen, progress quickly and speak Welsh outside the class. The Superuwch is one and 3 days a week appeals to me to help me structure my studying. I’ve been told if you have the time, which I do, it’s the best one to do… is that helpful?


Cwl, diolch Siaron

I’ve asked around the office, and one of my colleagues has said that she has a house in Bangor that they let to students which hasn’t been filled this year. I’ll ask for more details if that sounds appealing.

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Yes please thanks

have sent you some more info in a PM :slight_smile:

Me again!

Another colleague has a place in Dinas (just outside caernarfon, about 30 min from Bangor) which he usually lets out through AirBnB, but he says he’d be happy to chat about a longer arrangement to suit you if you like. I can give you his phone number (in a PM) if you fancy a chat with him about it.

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You’re a star! Thanks ever so much. If you could PM me with the info for your colleague in Dinas I’ll get in touch with him. Thanks very much

All the best, Chris

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will do, but it’ll have to be tomorrow - I have his number at work but I’m at home now (didn’t think to bring it home with me - doh!). In the meantime, this is his place as advertised on AirBnB (but of course the price on this site is for shorter stays, so ignore that for now!) -

edit - ha! brainwave! I can access work emails from home and have just found his mobile number in an attachment! I’ll PM it to you now :slight_smile:

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Just a word about the Super Uwch course at Bangor. I did it last autumn (September to Christmas) and enjoyed it very much.
If you are self driven and thrive on pressure this could be for you. Three full days a week with a different tutor (and a different personality and accent) for each day. There is a big emphasis on speaking and understanding Welsh, both local and through the media. It can be hard work but great fun.
Down side:
As we flew through the course I worried perhaps we might be losing some depth and context that a longer course might provide.
If you need to drive, unless you are happy to walk half a mile up from the harbour side, there are no longer any free car parks in Bangor. So you can add three or four pounds a day on to your course costs, or take your chances on back street parking.
Verdict: All in all a good experience.


Are there any formal entrance qualifications? (like having done actual Welsh exams?)
(not that this is a realistic possibility for me, given where I live, but I like to fantasise sometimes… :slight_smile: ).

(Part of my fantasy would involve wandering over to Menai Bridge from time to time to see if I can catch RaR filming…or at least mooch around the local cafês and try to spot some of the cast… :wink: )

I had none prior to completing ‘Pellach’ before SuperUwch. Still don’t. I just blagged my way through a telephone interview. The person to contact is .Fflur Rees Jones - she’s the head of teaching and learning. A very nice lady.