Physio advice

@AnthonyCusack or anyone else help.

On holiday last week i stupidly carried a snowboard bag containing a lot more than just a snowboard…i blame ryanair of course.

Anyway it weighed around 16kg and i carried it using a shoulder strap. I now have an awful pain around and under my left shoulder blade, made worse when i cough.

Is it just a case of rest or do i need to see an osteopath or physiotherapist?

How severe is the pain? How quickly does it go? Any pins and needles in your arm? Any numbness or unusual sensations? Any headaches or neck pain?

Feel free to private message me this info if you’d rather.


Nothing other than stabbing pain under my shoulder blade when trying to use my left arm.

No pins and needles. Or anything. Pain is mainly localised…sometimes down my left arm and up to my neck…kind of feels similar to when i once had sciatica…intense pain but only under certain conditions

In my part of the world, Hywel Dda, you an self refer to an NHS physiotherapist. It might take a while before you are seen, but you don’t have to go through a GP. It is probably worth seeing your GP as well.

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@sarapeacock has your “c”, I think


@Pete2 Go to your doctor. Once I did that with a bad back. I explained that I had foolishly carried an oxygen cylinder. He asked, “Do you want a certificate?”. “No, I want to be cured!”. Only then did he examine me. I got some kind of embrocation and my back got better, but do stress to your doctor that it is a cure you want!

The lap top I am working at does indeed have a problematic, intermittent “c”.


Self refer to physio if you can. It sounds like you’ve just carried too much on a small area. If it feels like sciatica then there’s a bit of nerve involvement. I suspect you’ve tired your traps out so much they gotten really tight. Hard to say without seeing you.

If you don’t mind paying privately, then that’s a very quick way to be seen.