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I am slinging the link round to friends who are keen to voice their support. However, a few have written to me to say that they don’t speak Welsh and are not learning it. (I know - shocking!) They all still agree that the channel should exist but point out that they are excluded from signing the petition. It’s not just Welsh speakers/learners who want it funded.!


@CaerlanChris It wasn’t intended to exclude those who cannot speak/are not learning Welsh. I admit it just did not occur to me that anyone with no Welsh at all would be interested. As long as they are not in Wales, I see no reason not to sign if they care! In fact my MSP here in Scotland signed because he cares about Gaelic and, by extension, all UK languages. He knows no Welsh and neither of us considered for a moment that this could stop him signing, Maybe folk could put in the ‘comment’ column, “I speak no Welsh, but still care for its future”, or something like that?


Ask them if they know what ‘Croeso’ means, and when they say yes, tell them they’re officially early stage Welsh speakers… :slight_smile:


I love this!!!


Ooh…this is diddorol! I’ve written to all my pals who are non learning/non speaking…and they’ve promised to add their names. Whoo hoo…what next? Save the world? :yum:


Diolch yn fawr iawn iawn! I cannot thank you enough!

Just signed the petition. We live just over the border in Gloucestershire.

Diolch yn fawr! Oh I do love this Forum!

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@SiH I found 3 new signatures today. I’d guess you are 1290! Diolch!
@CaerlanChris Number 1288 from West Sussex put a lovely note saying not learning, relearning or teaching but still in favour of funding S4C. so I think we say diolch to you for that one! @Deborah-SSi this thread seemed the place for this particular posting! 1289 was from Bedfordsire

As yet I haven’t found a way to watch S4C in Germany, but I just signed the petition nevertheless. Pob lwc!

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@Hendrik Welcome to the forum! You can watch some of the programming on the S4C International website, here:

S4C International

Thanks for signing the petition! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the link! It appears that I can access the videos in the International section and the featured section. Live TV and “catch up“ are apparently geo-blocked.

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Glad it works for you! Enjoy :slight_smile:

I think you have to find S4C International on line! @tatjana can you help with this despite not being in Germany?
Oh, Hendrik, thank you very much for signing! You should have put a note in the Comments column saying you were still trying to find how to watch S4C!!

For us outside the UK only S4C International works and nothing else so @Hendrik you’d have to be satisfied with what you get on S4C International to which @AnnaC gave you the link to already. This is all we get for now. But it’s better then nothing at all, don’t you tink?

Sorry @tatjana and @AnnaC, I must have been typing when Anna posted and I never noticed the posts that popped in ahead of mine!!

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No problem at all. @Hendrik said access is granted only to International and I just explained why is it so. :slight_smile:

VPN’s and proxies all the way i say.

shhhh …