Pererindod yng Nghymru?/Pilgrimage in Wales?

Hiya Pawb,

Dw i’n gobiethio i dod i Gymru yn y Mis Mehefin. Dw i’n moyn mynd ar pererindod yn y gogledd, a siarad dim ond Cymraeg, ac dw i’n edrych ar pobl arall gyda diddordeb.

I am hoping to come to Wales in June. I want to go on a pilgrimage during that time in the North, and speak nothing but Welsh, and I am looking to see if there is anyone interested in something like this.

Early June would be the time

Ydy rhwyun yn diddordeb?
Is anyone interested? (Or did I chase everyone away with my poor Welsh)

Sounds like a great idea - keep us posted on how it all works out, and I’m sure we’ll be able to help find some interesting people for you to talk to while you’re here… :sunny:

Diolch Aran, Dw i eisau cerdded o Caernarfon i Ynys Enlli efallai, a chwersylla bob nos. Dw i’n nabod llawer o pobl yn Caernarfon.

Thanks Aran, I want to walk from Caernarfon to Bardsey (okay, no walking the last two miles, without a little Jesus action) and camp each night along the way. I have quite a few friends in Caernarfon and the surrounding area. Hoping to create a little camping pilgrimage/pub crawl. :slight_smile: O yeah.

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You’ll be going fairly close to us anyway, then… :sunny:

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Da iawn. Pub Time!