Penwythnos Pentigili` Arberth 14/11/14-16/11/14

Shwmae pawb,
I’m thinking about popping along to the Penwythnos Pentigili` Arberth this coming November. Have any of you been in previous years? If so, could you let me know what is involved.

Thanks in advance :smile:

Do you have any links to any more information about it? All I can find is something on Facebook about a residential weekend for Welsh learners with an opportunity to socialise with Cymry Cymraeg. It sounds interesting so it would be great to have more information for the weekly email. Do you know who to contact about it?

Gwych! Cara sent me the information and it sounds great! Basically there are 2 weekends organised to bring Welsh learners together with Cymry Cymraeg to explore the area and socialise together organised by Cymraeg i Oedolion De-Orllewin Cymru. The learners need to be reasonably confident in their Welsh - more or less the same standard as for bootcamp. There is no fee to attend, but you have to organise your own accommodation, pay for your own meals etc. You also don’t have to attend for the whole time. You can just join them for a while if you want to, but you need to register to get all the information.

One weekend takes place from the 14th to 16th November in Arberth (Narberth), Sir Benfro, and the other from the 21st to 23rd November on the Gower. The closing date for the Arberth one is the 22nd October, and for the Gower one it’s the 29th October. They advise not organising any accommodation until your registration is confirmed and you know it’s going ahead.

I have electronic copies of the registration forms, so if anyone is interested let me know by leaving a message here, or sending me a PM and I’ll contact you to email the forms to you.

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