Penpal yn gymraeg?

Shwmae pawb.

I’m Jack. Have been learning Welsh very, very on-and-off for a couple of years. I’m fairly confident giving things a go vocally considering the amount of time i’ve been learning, as i’ve been to a SSIW bwtcamp and have got a lot of welsh-speaking friends that i’ve force to speak to me in Cymraeg (i lived in the Bridgend last year for 10 months) but i’m born and bred in Essex. I’m 26, currently living in Australia and would like to try my writing skills out and help with my vocab learning as it’s quite basic. I was wondering if there were any penpal schemes for people who wanted to chat with similar people in cymraeg. Not sure if i’ve put this in the correct spot on the forum.


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Shwmae Jack. Dw i’n meddwl this is a great idea. Maybe Aran or Iestyn could comment? :grinning: I’m sure we could set something up. I’d also like to expand my usage of Welsh.