Penblwydd Hapus ( blwyddyn cyntaf)

Just coming up to a year since I signed up to SSiW and made a bold statement that I want to be a Welsh speaker.
And what a year…
6 month Welsh Speaker Course completd in August 2018,
Taith Heb Saesneg - Holyhead to Cardiff by bike using as much Welsh as possible
National Eisteddfod, Cardiff
Meet ups with other SSiWers
Deep End course (finished and challenges repeated)
The Advent Calendar Challenge,
And this week while working at a small rural Welsh Language School I asked the staff to just speak Welsh with me… they did and I loved it!!

There must be quite a few more ‘one year olds’
How are you all getting on?


I am coming up to a year old, I started the six month course last March and truly recommend it. The support from SSIW, other 6 monthers and also here on the forum is remarkable.
I very soon had my first staggering conversations, I still stagger but hey ho onwards and upwards. I don’t know whether I’m lucky but everyone has been very patient and encouraging.
I did speak to a Welsh trader in Abergavenny with a very Welsh accent, I asked him if he spoke Welsh and he said very emphatically “I hate Welsh”. The reasons given were mainly on the money spent on signs and forms and everyone spoke English anyway. We had an amicable discussion ending with him saying all forms should be printed in one language and I said I agreed …Welsh. He said He had asked for that and we parted with a laugh although I think he would be a hard nut to crack.
I have been to various meet ups and Welsh events.
I have spoken to Welsh people on holiday at home and abroad.
None of the above I would have attempted a year ago.
The main advice I would give to people just starting is learn at your own pace, don’t be discouraged by people who you feel are achieving more but most of all use and enjoy.
Penblwydd Hapus @Gog and all other nearly one year olds .


PS that was meant to be a Welsh flag not a black one and it’s not me cartwheeling.

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Wow, what a year you’ve both had - what a fantastic amount of effort, and what fantastic achievements - llongyfarchiadau gwresog iawn! :star: :star2: :star_struck: