Pêl-droed: Welsh Premiership

Noswaith dda,

I have decided this year to expand my TV (and, hopefully, live) viewing. I know that @Nicky goes to Aber Town fairly regularly. So I’ve decided to adopt a team.

For no particular reason I have decided to go for Bala. I will be visiting the town in September and that was, pretty much, the entire thought process behind it.

I thought this could be a thread to catch about the football, exchange the Welsh that we learn through it, and possibly organise trips to games :slight_smile:

You don’t have to be a football fanatic, I’m not, I’m much more into my rugby. I just thought it’d be a nice friendly way to exchange stuff.


I’ve started watching Welsh Premier matches on youTube with a Welsh commentary with the aim of improving my Welsh. I watch each match twice - first, for the football, and second, for the commentary. I’ve learnt new vocab. and new phrases as a result. Beware, though: in one match, the commentator describes the ball as being “stuck yn y mud”!

It works, because you get a visual representation of what’s being said. The trick in the second viewing is not to be too distracted by the football and to concentrate more on the commentary.

My nearest teams are Cefn Druids and TNS, but I’ll be supporting Bala Town this season.

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I find that radio coverage is even better, language-wise. Probably because the commentators needs to keep the thing going, and also they tend to be totally OTT, in an Italian “Goaaaaaaaaal!” sort of way.

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I love Radio Cymru commentary. I was listening to the Cardiff match yesterday. Awesome!

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Stuck yn y mwd Sounds like natural Welsh :slight_smile:

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S4C are showing some live Welsh Premier matches on their Sgorio programme as well. I watched the Barry vs Aberystwyth game this afternoon. The commentary was broadcast in English on satellite broadcasts (not sure about Freeview as my aerial is shot!) but can be switched to Welsh via the Red button on Sky (and possibly Virgin as well) or the Audio Dialogue button on Humax Freesat boxes.

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Sownd yn y mwd? Stuck’s English. He definitely says ‘mud’.

Stuck might be English, but styc is definitely Welsh. :wink:


Some shocks on the first weekend. TNS taking a 5-2 pasting from Bangor City being the biggest of them all.

Aber were probably a little fortunate with their equaliser last night. Even the most optimistic fan would say that ball was no where near crossing the line :D:D:D


Sorry I’m not sure I’ve understood?

That’s okay, Peidwch a phoeni.

Had a good chat about this on Awr y Dysgwyr on Twitter last night. The Bala Town account got involved too :smile:

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Just caught up with Sgorio. Bangor looked good. I can’t tell if Met looked good or Cefn played really badly. Looked a bit easy for Met.

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@Nicky video about football terminology is spot on too.

I have a season ticket at Cardiff City and Pen Y Bont now so will be at welsh league games often.

I’ve also found a link to football related words.

Not sure how reliable it is…


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New season then guys and girls.

Seems weird that only two years ago we were talking about Bangor City beating TNS and lok at them now!?