Patterns of behaviour with blueys

One of the things I’m realising I’m inclined to do with blueys that are talking about and/or asking for local groups is to leave them there for Dee to see, so that it’s a bit easier for her to collate stuff for the email.

This will change once we have the tagging running, because we’ll be able to tag stuff for Dee - and will then be improved even further when we get time to sort out a better approach for groups in general…:slight_smile:

[Just unblueying myself…;-)]

What’s a “bluey”, please? Is it a member of the Tory party, a sad person or a sporting achiever at “varsity”?

It’s someone with red hair, isn’t it? :wink: (still trying to work out how blueying works myself)

A blue thread is any one that has yet to have a reply. These get bubbled to the top of the list currently, even when they’re not new.

A bluey refers to a post on the left hand side of the forum that you have read but no-one has answered. Yet.
Greens are threads that have posts that you have not read.
Wow, that actually makes sense - I’m making progress with this explaining lark :wink:

Thanks for the helpful explanations Gary and wondersheep. :slight_smile:

Reporting an anomaly: Right now Stu’s post “Solihull SSiW Meetup this Saturday” is showing (1) at top of my left-hand column, and (2) with no replies yet, but (3) it’s green, not blue.

Below it are three blue posts from earlier, which also have no replies yet.

I tried closing the forum & reopening it, and logging out & then logging back in – didn’t change anything.

I think that means that you have read Norfolk, South Sefton and Rochester, and Stu has posted abour Solihull since, so you haven;t seen that one yet.

That’s it, Iestyn, thanks - it turned blue after I’d read it (since it still has no replies).

Yeah, I’ve been thinking that we should have a combined blue/green thing somehow for unread blueys.

Not gonna implement that until I’m really sure that the bluey concept is gonna stick, though. Still (not-so-)secretly hoping it’ll fall out of favour. :wink:

How about making blueys not stick to the top at least until after there is a different sustem in place for organizing meetups? Though Kinetic, that could potentially mean double work for you, taking the blue functionality off and then putting it back if Aran decided he really couldn’t live without it.

Thanks for the explanation. Is it my eyes or my laptop - blue and green look the same, maybe the top ones are a very slight shade darker, but I wouldn’t have noticed without this thread.

wow! Just seen the preview button. Now that colour is a lot ‘differenter’.

Arianrhod: Is it my eyes or my laptop - blue and green look the same

Probably your laptop. Many cheaper ones use low grade panels that can’t produce all the colors correctly. The blue and green are quite distinct.

Ouch! That hurt. This laptop cost me more than a month’s income. So you’re right, it wasn’t much. Glad it’s not my eyes, though.

Well, it could be, still - blue/green is a common subtle colour blindness, I believe, and the shades of blue and green used here are very similar.

This is something I’d not thought about before about the new forum - just using colour, especially when the shades are very similar, as the only indicator of differences in a UI is a no-no (although I’m as guilty as the next person).

I agree, it’s either your lappy or your eyes or a combination. Sorry. :wink: the colours on my phone and on my wife’s tablet are definitely blue and green and not similar in the slightest.

That’s a really good point about colour. [Puts thinking hat on].

Time to dig out an ‘unread message’ icon :slight_smile:

Yeah, icon’ll be the answer - all a bit of a squash at the moment, which may be something we have to figure out a fix for at some point.