Party-going Twitterati! In here! [+ you party lot on the telly!]

Here? Or not? Please go wild with videos and pics and tag them #parti10 and #ssiw :heart:

And if anyone feels like doing a good deed for our Twitter refuseniks, you could copy some of them into this thread :heart:

[oi - you lot are on telly! about 1 minute in, 2 minutes in, and 36 minutes in - tagging @gruntius @tahl @beca-brown @Sionned @HuwJones and LOTS of others!] @Hendrik @lornarhodes @siaronjames at 32, 36ish :slight_smile:


This Twitter Refusenik would appreciate that, thank you!


Ga i ofyn beth ydy twitter refusenik yn meddwl?!

Mae’n meddwl rhyun sy ddim yn cael cyfrif Twitter!

Rich :slight_smile:


Haleliwia! Twitter refusenik dw i hefyd! :rofl:


Tagging @Deborah-SSi @nia.llywelyn @kerid73 @lornarhodes @lea-durant


Sorry to but in.
@siaronjames or anyone who can remember -
Which topic had the link to the S4C Heno programme showing Y Galeri please? Just so I can show my family. :slight_smile:
I’m assuming it was on the Forum. It’s all becoming a blur now.

@JohnYoung what I could find is this

posted on Slack by Caz yesterday about 3 pm. The link in the post is this:

Hope this is the right thing you’re searching for.


Thanks Tatjana for answering John, yes that’s the iPlayer link. Here’s the S4C link for the same programme in case anyone wants that.
There are two segments from Galeri on the Friday night - one about 2mins in and one about 36mins in.


Well, this is off topic but still on topic of a kind. I’ve read on the Clic page that from 10th June on everyone who’d want to watch it in the future would have register and create acount on there. I’m not sure this still allows us from outside of UK to watch it.

On the pure topic! You who appeared in front of the camera were all superb and REALLY VERY FLUENT (so that no one of you says ever again how you’re not fluent though (I’ve read something like this not so long ago here somewhere)). And Galeri is superb! If I ever visit the city I just have to pear in to see the glory of it in person. :slight_smile:


Ha ha, we’re all famous! Even if I was just a dot in the background.


I photo-bombed the interview towards the end of Heno clutching half a pig and a pint of seidr. Unfortunately the camera lens displayed severe barrel distortion. :blush:


You’ve been actually photobombing all interviews! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
But in this case, without the “Ooops, the camera!” look and without the pig. :laughing:


Who’s the guy in front, spoiling the pic of @Sionned, Jim and me? A particularly “heartless” thing to do :grin:



I photo-bombed the interview towards the end of Heno clutching half a pig and a pint of seidr. Unfortunately the camera lens displayed severe barrel distortion. :blush:

fy hoff rhan o’r clip!! :joy:


Oeddet ti’n edrych ar goll! But I know what you mean with the barrel distortion. Weirdly, I seem to be getting it with mirrors, too, these days…


Well, when I went to try to watch it just now it asked me to either sign in or create a bbc account. So I did the latter, and was told that, no, I couldn’t watch outside the UK. Very frustrating!!!

You can’t watch BBC outside the UK, but you can watch the programmes in the international section of S4C.
And as far as I’ve understood from the news I get from S4C since I subscribed, you’ll be able to see those also after the 10th of June (this should work also for @tatjana)

But there seams not to be International section anymore. At least I didn’t find it. S4C also doesn’t have any app you’d be able to watch at least International section. When you previously came to S4C page the International section was the last tab on the page. That page is missing (searched just right now). Now here’s the question: will they re-new the page or abandon the International section. In the past I’ve got their news but now all of a sudden I don’t get them anymore. :frowning:

I wouldn’t know how to search it, but it’s in my browser history, so here it is:

There’s also the worldwide section among categories now, so I expect them to keep it!

(I receive one newsletter from them, around the 15th of each month since I subscribed on that page)