Parti 10 party-goers... come and say hello!

Yes, I completely agree, though it did send a little shiver down my spine when I read it. The idea that there might be two @Isata’s in existence…


Haia, I’m Hendrik. I was born and raised in Berlin, and now I live in Essen with my wife and two cute kittens. I love music (both listening to it and making it) and reading. I started learning Welsh in 2016 in preparation for a summer holiday in Wales and I simply never stopped. I have since completed all of SSiW’s southern material and dipped into some nothern stuff as well.
Apart from making music I’ve also been part of an amateur theater where I played the part of Mephisto in Goethe’s Faust, with my twin brother playing the part of Faustus.
Here’s a picture of me taken during last year’s bootcamp:


I played the part of Mephisto in Goethe’s Faust, with my twin brother playing the part of Faustus.

That, I would love to have seen. :smile:


Sorry to interrupt since I will not be at the party but … any YouTube or any other channel, please??? :slight_smile:

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Please don’t apologise for your interruption, Tatjana, which is quite timely and relevant.
Although I don’t know about the technology, I would support any suggestion that still and movie records of the weekend are made available for absent friends such as yourself. :smile:


Hi, I’m John (Young)
Sorry to scare you with my pic, but at least you will recognise me :slight_smile:

I’m originally from the NE of England and have lived in Wales (on and off) since the early 80’s. So I’m happily adopted into the Welsh nation. My Wife, Glenda and I live in Skewen near Swansea (SW Wales).

I attended some night classes in the 90s and have more recently completed all of the SSiW Lessons and Challenges. I’m now working through the Advanced Content Lessons and enjoy taking part in the Slack (Internet) and real life social meetings.

I love talking with new and 1st language speakers of all dialects. So any Welsh language-related activity, event or chat is great with me. Even if it’s not officially Welsh language related, I have a nasty habit of steering it in that direction.

I’m looking forward to strengthening my friendships with you all at the Party.


Thank you.

Maybe the records at least from the gala event would be really nice. It’s 10 years just once … :slight_smile:




Phil here, my love of Wales began probably during regular trips to the caravan in Abergele in the 1960’s and 70’s. I remember hearing my first Welsh spoken in a shop at a very young age and was fascinated. Since then, I’ve spent a lot of time in North Wales in particular, including a spell at Bangor Uni in the 70’s. Despite my interest in the language, my learning never really took off at all and remained limited to learning how to say ‘Llanfairpwll…gogogoch’ and the odd ‘diolch’ etc. Back in Dec 2017, I came across SSIW and never looked back. Bwtcamp in the summer 2018 (and ‘Bwtcamp Therapy’ w/e too!). I live in Thornbury nr Bristol where there are actually a number of Welsh speakers. We now get together once a month for a coffee and chat. I’ve completed the challenges up to L3 and am now looking through old course material and trying to make sense of some of the advanced content. I chat on slac now and then (be great to meet some of you face to face). I once completed the 14(15) peak challenge (all the Welsh 3000 ft peaks in a day), though I doubt I could do it again now! Tryfan is my favourite mountain.


I see there will be many very well known to me faces at the parti … Nice to know you’ll be at that special occassion all gathered together.


I’d love to see Angharad’s katas. She’s likely better than me as I’ve had a two year break and am having to relearn mine!

@tatjana - we’ll miss you!


I’m Kai. I just finished my last exam and don’t want to talk about school ever again. I’m a pretty good cook, bad fiddle player, and I want to learn to navigate with a map and compass this summer. I sometimes write my name as Cai because it’s Welsh and therefore cooler, but I’m actually Finnish :slight_smile:


I’d give you two … no three :heart: :heart: :heart: @Novem ! You’re the best!

You won’t, believe me … :slight_smile:


Hi, I am Marilyn aka Mari, and my husband is Andrew. He is originally from London, I am from Cardiff—Splott, to be exact, but we have lived in Vancouver for many years.

A couple of years ago I went through all that available SW Old Courses and whatever was available of the New. I have worked through them again since, twice probably, but because new material has become available, just before leaving Canada to come to Wales I rushed through the New Level 3 up to Lesson 20 plus snippets of the rest.

Little known facts—Andrew can play the didgeridoo while doing dog impressions at the same time. As for me—I always wanted to be a train-driver, like my dad, but had to settle for riding the footplate on long-distance runs ‘under steam’ with him (and eating breakfast off the shovel) when he worked for the GWR.


So story somehow continues … I love this!


You still remember those, don’t you. :slight_smile:


Gobeithio y cewch chi i gyd hwyl a sbri byth anghofiadwy! :slight_smile:


Diolch, Gareth, gawn ni, wi’n siwr!


Remember? I treasure these—they kept me going!

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I’m happy for you.

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Hi All

Richard here ( not sure who the other bloke is ) .
I was born in Newport back when dinosaurs wallowed in the Usk.
I went to Aberystwyth Uni but failed to learn any Welsh at the time.
A few years ago I started learning Welsh with the Open University – on the last Welsh course they ran . I have been living in South London for 40 years and go to the Thursday class at the London Welsh Centre . I use SSIW in a rather unsystematic fashion but always try the Advanced Content ( with much more success when Beca’s subject is a South Walian).
I’m a rugby fanatic married to one of the very few Kiwis who isn’t the slightest bit interested in the game .
I recently re discovered the joys of trying to strangle a few tunes out of a banjo – neighbours are organising a petition .


Helo pawb

I’m Rob, I’m from Wrecsam originally and grew up in Casnewydd. Now I live up in the Pennines between Bradford and Halifax and my 2 kids Evan & Carys, born and bred in Yorkshire, both speak a bit of Welsh every day :grin:

I think I’ve done all of the challenges in level 1 - 3 North (its all a bit of a blur really), I’ve been on 2 official Gog Bwtcamps and 1 “unofficial” one that we arranged ourselves. Don’t bank on me remembering it all though without the aid of peint neu ddau.

I love Welsh language music and have had a great time over the last few years seeing great bandiau Cymreig on stage whilst I’ve been working at Festival No. 6 in Portmeirion and Focus Wales in Wrecsam (amongst others)

The one unusual thing about me is that I am actually able to make it to the parti - working in festival and event production I don’t seem to ever have a day off usually. And when I do, I usually tend to just sleep!