even more cool stuff: Overview of novels for learners and news in simple Welsh

Hello everyone- again!

It’s been a busy week in HQ. I’ve published an overview of novels for learners, plus other good books here:
Over the next couple of weeks I will be adding descriptions and unique content from the authors, so that it will be become more than a list. For example, Elin Meek has interviewed Bethan Gwanas about creating Blodwen Jones:

In addition, you may have missed the news in simple Welsh: We will be updating that once or twice a week, and adding an audio version.

And for any real scholars out there, The Old Red Tongue is an anthology of Welsh literature, with all items translated and an introduction to give context. An exclusive introduction by Gwyn Griffiths is here:

Plus a couple of videos of me on S4C this week:

Enjoy reading and discovering more about Welsh language, culture and life!