Panto Dacw Mam yn Dwad with Martyn Geraint

I was wondering if anyone is taking their children to this years welsh language panto. It might be nice if a group or groups went to a panto with their children. It seems a bit daunting going on my own with my daughter.

And also what are the phrases that the cast ask and the audience responses.

Sounds like a good idea - maybe one for the email, @Deborah-SSi? Whereabouts would you be wanting to see it, Dafydd? :sunny:

Here’s a list of the venues and dates

The nearest venue is the one in Wrexham at the Neuadd William Aston but I would consider other venues if other people are going.

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I might be able to get to Brecon or Neath if there was anyone down south who fancied going. There is also a kids christmas show - the princess and the pea, I think in the Sherman in Cardiff