Palas Print, Caernarfon

This excellent bookshop looks the place to be this Saturday if your around Caernarfon.
Plu are singing songs from their new c.d.; Dewi Pws is doing a reading and others.


I see the archaeologist, Rhys Mwyn, who has found the time to guide SSIWers around sites in Gwynedd has a new book out, in Welsh, looking at some interesting north Walian sites. Next time in Palas I’ll be buying a copy.


Sad to hear their closing their branch in Bangor. :cry: Good news - the one in Caernarfon is doing o.k. :sunny:

Don’t forget you can also order online with them …Though best to use your local Welsh bookshop: if your lucky enough to live in Wales.

I always use Siop y Siswrn in Wrecsam as it’s obviously my local go to shop for Welsh stuff but it’s not exactly the most well stocked shop in the world but they will order stuff in for you.

Palas Print in Caernarfon is brilliant and I always like having a good browse when in the area.

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