Pa gwrs i mi?

Helo bawb,

Cwestiwn bach: gorfennais i hanner o’r Cwrs Canolradd (Fersiwn i De) yr haf diwethaf, ond bydd y cwrs dim yn parhau…dylwn i dechrau gyda’ch cwrs 1, neu beth?

Diolch am unrhyw ateb,


Hi Odilon,
I’d suggest you go with the new Level 1. You’ll find a lot of it quite easy, so you’ll progress quite quickly, but there will be stuff in there which is new to you and which you’ll require as you advance. It’ll also get you used to the very different way of learning. Let us know how you get on!
Pob lwc!

(note to anyone who has been following the advice not to get into reading too soon - Odilon was asking where to start with SSIW after her/his Canolradd class was discontinued)


Diolch yn fawr iawn Rob - gwnaf!

PS: Bachgen dwi :wink: - dwi’n dod o’r Iseldiroedd yn wreiddiol, ond dwi’n byw yng nGhaerdydd nawr.


If you live in Cardiff you might like to get in touch with @ali and join in with the monthly meetups at the Mochyn Du :smile:

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Diolch Dee!

Shw mae, Odilon?

Ar Rob and Dee say - start at Level 1 Challenge 1, and work you’re way through. Even for familiar material, it will give you good conversational practice, because it will speed up your response time, and get you used to chatting (something that traditional courses aren’t really geared up to do well). And get along to the Mochyn Du meet-ups (or chapter or any other activities in Welsh).

You are obviously pretty enthusiastic about getting writing practice as well. Have a look at, which is something similar to Twitter, but entirely in Welsh. Follow @SaySomethingin, and anyone else you like the look of, and you can get plenty of reading and writing practice of all kinds of different dialects and formality of Welsh. It’s a great site.