........over the rainbow"

Helpus fi! I am going nuts and bananas trying to remember the correct Cymraeg for something, sometime, someone, somewhere, somebody etc any tips? Is there an amusing rhyme? Can they be sung in the same way that mis Cymraeg fit in with the tune of ‘Men of Harlech’ Rhyw rhyw rhyw your boat I suppose…

I haven’t got a ditty, but I tend to focus on the second half of the word. When you know that, it’s easy to just stick a rhyw (some) in front of it:

peth (thing) = rhywbeth (something)
pryd (time) = rhywbryd (sometime)
un (one) = rhywun (someone)
ble (where) = rhywle (somewhere) etc.

Hope that helps.

Rhywsut/rhywfodd = somehow
Rhywfaint = some amount

You might also encounter the alternative rhywdro for sometime.