Opinon on S4C programmes

I had a flyer through my door about Media Panel Wales (who undertake market research for S4C), so I signed up to it and have completed my first questionnaire. See http://mediapanel.wales for more details.

I just wanted to say here that if anyone else fancied giving their opinion on a regular basis (!) if you sign up via me we can both get extra rewards after we’ve completed 5 questionnaires. (I’ve allocated my rewards to go to AgeCymru.) If you fancy it, PM me with your real name and your email address.

I hope it’s OK to share this here. I wouldn’t usually get involved in this sort of thing, but I’m keen to do anything to support S4C.


Is it limited just to viewers in the UK? If not, then I’d be up for it. I too would like to do what I can to help ensure the continued success of S4C.

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That’s a good question, Jason - I’ve no idea. Does it say anywhere on the website?

“Media Panel Wales”

I would imagine that there’s a clue in the name. :wink:

Yes, there’s definitely a clue in the name there @robbruce! After reading the fine print on the website, I found that it does say you must live in Wales to participate.