Online Dictionary Woes

Looks like the BBC has removed its on-line dictionary today (it was working OK yesterday) citing ‘unsupported technology’. The landing page helpfully directs you to here which lists alternative dictionaries, including (my other main on-line source) which also seems to be down currently.

Arrrrggggghhhhh!!! :anguished:

Shame! Although, I only use Ap Geiriaduron these days - its on my iPod, iPad and Android phone now, so I am rarely without access. If that went away as well, I would not like to have to rely on paper dictionaries, even though I have a small library of the things…



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My use of online dictionaries has declined dramatically after installing Ap Geiriadurun. It’s just the best and easiest option.

Yeah, I love how it handles plurals and mutated versions :smile: Still, its a shame that the BBC dictionary vanished.


The thing is, both the BBC and the Trinity online dictionaries have (had?) a simple API, which enabled you to hook up the DictionarySearch Firefox Add-In. This meant that you could just select text in your browser and then just send the word to the dictionary for translation via the querystring. I don’t think the other dictionaries on the list of BBC suggestions allow you to do this. :question:

This BBC dictionary is up Rob : BBC Geiradur

Does it do what you need?


You are correct! Thanks for that!

Er, what? Were they lying earlier on when they said it was no longer being supported? Why have they put it back without explaining what happened and why?

Who was on the grassy knoll? :wink:

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There is this sentence at the bottom of the interface text: This is the new BBC Cymru Wales Dictionary.

Has it been upgraded, perhaps?

Clicking the link you’ve written at the beginning of the topic this dictionary works just fine for me.

Looks like Trinity St David forgot to renew


Seams like. The domain has expired …

I found this one when the BBC and versions were unavailable:
Searching Lexicon

It’s got some helpful tips when looking up words as well. For example, this is a part of the results when looking up “get out”:

(v.) cael (caffael) [irreg.], ceisio [ceisi-; 3.s. & 2.s.imp. cais], cyrchu [cyrch-; 3.s. & 2.s.imp. cyrch], ennill [enill-; 3.s. & 2.s.imp. ennill], mynnu [mynn- &1, myn- &2+; 3.s. & 2.s.imp. myn], no+l [nol-]
Cael (caffael) is get when you receive something or when used to make a passive voice, as in “he got shot”.
Ceisio is get when you fetch something.
Cyrchu is get when you fetch something.
Ennill is get when you work hard for your attainment.
Mynnu is get when you obtain something.
Nôl is get when you fetch something.

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Glad the BBC one is back. I like the way it can “de-mutate” words and “de-conjugate” verbs (a feature I didn’t realise it had for ages! ). I know the Geiriadur app also does that, but I don’t have anything to run it on.

The Trinity St David one doesn’t do that, but it was useful in other ways. Hope it comes back one day.

@Cyd: thanks for the “Searching Lexicon” link. Always good to have an alternative.

I really liked the way it could deal with partial words and phrases, even if some of the phrases were incredibly obscure (such as the names of sub-departments of little-known government bodies). :smile:

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Oh dear - It’s gone again! :frowning:

That link worked for me yesterday.

Now it just breaks down to which isn’t a dictionary.

What are they playing at?

The one up yesterday even had a copyright date of 2014 (Univ. of Bangor / BBC), so as it was working yesterday, it’s not that it’s not possible to support the technology, I mean there is no technical reason why it isn’t working.

It’s probably about money. Maybe Bangor wanted more money for it than they were prepared to pay, to go on supporting it.

They should have announced its withdrawal in advance though. :frowning:

Maybe they’re doing a site re-org of some sort; could it be available at a different link?

Nope. I think it’s gone for good. I was chatting about it on Twitter last night and no-one seemed to know why it has been removed. My guess is simply that it’s an easy target for cost-cutting.


Google Translated:

BTW… does anyone else have problems with Ap Geiriaduron? For me, it works fine for the first few searches, then it degrades rapidly to the point where all searches yield zero results (and no completions). Only option is to exit and re-start the app. Makes it very frustrating to use :wink: I used to have this problem when I first started using it, then it mysteriously cured itself, and it worked fine for months. Then along came iOS8 or something, and it’s back to not working so well, and has stayed so for the last several weeks. Ringing a bell for anyone?

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I’ve not had it returning no results, but it often scrolls down so I don’t see that it’s had results and I have to frantically scroll back up to find them.

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