Online Articles with Bliu Bliu

Read any article with clickable vocab feature.

Has anyone else been using Bliu Bliu that was mentioned on the old forum a few months ago? If not, they’ve recently added a very useful feature that allows you to paste in any url containing text which they then import so that you can click on any word to get a translation as you’re reading - kind of like BBC Vocab for the webpage of your choice! Cool, eh?

The only thing to bear in mind is that it uses Google Translate, so it’s worth double-checking those translated words that seem at odds with the sentence! :slight_smile:

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Looks like a good resource - thanks for sharing…:slight_smile:

Thanks Jon, this looks really useful

Yes, I’ve been playing around with Bliubliu over Easter as vocabulary is my big need now. Of course, reading books would do the same thing eventually - don’t find lists at all helpful. But Bliubliu seems to keep repeating the words you don’t know until you do know them. I know you have ideas for this kind of vocabulary building teventually Aran. What do you know about Bliubliu as a method? It is clearly not for absolute beginners. There is no sound to it at all.

I had a brief playaround with it a while back - can’t really remember all that much about it, except that it didn’t manage to grab me. I reckon books plus bulk input of Radio Cymru is probably the best way forward for you by now… :sunny:

Yes, that’s what I have been thinking and TV. I will join the Growth Club once I get organised. What level are the chats and transcripts aimed at? I’m thinking of our classes.

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Um, there’s not all that much aiming going on - it’s pretty much ‘take no prisoners’ with a dash of ‘kill them all, God will know his own’ thrown in for good measure. Anyone who can follow all of it, particularly when Catrin gets animated about something, is doing absolutely brilliantly.

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