On taking breaks from languages

I don’t want to clutter up Aran’s thread here:


which was about practicing less, and introducing his new book "‘Should you practise LESS to speak better Spanish?’ - (or anything else),

…any more than I have done, so I’ll start a new thread, although it’s sort of in the same area.

There was an interesting thread on the HTLAL forum a few months ago, in which someone also pointed to the same piece of research that Aran does.


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The member called leosmith also links to a posting he made on his own blog, the “polydog” forum, here:

Some interesting ideas there.

Yes: I agree Mike!. Leosmith has it spot on when he
/she says:

“Converse, listen, read and write material that you are somewhat comfortable with, preferably at i+1. No grammar, vocabulary or pronunciation studies; just use the language. Try to do 2 sessions per week if possible, to spread it out and keep your mind fresh. A sample schedule: Reading 30 min, twice a week; Writing 15 min, twice a week; Conversing 30 min, twice a week; Watching movies 30 min, twice a week.”

The synergy approach that I was talking about in another thread is also what needs to happen for welsh learners . If they want to increase their level of learning from let’s say a2 to b2— y cam hanfodol bwysig yn fy marn i. aros i ffwrdd oddi wrth y gramadeg ddiflas, ( completely) ond darllen ac ysgrifennu’r iaith yn bwysig i helpu’r aros pethau eraill yn eich meddwl. This in combination with listening and conversing… In combination with purposeful activity/prosiect may be the way to go—go iawn!.

Another reason why I think things like watching pobl y cwm (without the subtitles os posib) is that it is also good for maintaining your skills. Again, I wish that s4c and others did more to help learners tramor. Not expensive to stream stuff now, efe? Perhaps SSiw is already thinking along these lines?