On stop

Hello SSIW - I have been on stop with the exercises for a few months but still paying my £10 per month. I have been automatically paused. Work and life got the better of me.
I would like to start and re-engage again, What do you recommend? Do I just dive in and catch up where I left off and start to gain ground again.
Or do you have another option for me? Please advise. Thank you.

Hi Andrew,
I’m no expert on these matters but I would suggest this. How much of where you left off do you remember. If the answer is lots, then carry on. If the answer is that you remember nothing, then you need to consider re-starting. Hope that helps.

You can also do half way between the two if you like! Just go and use the “View previous week” dropdown to have a listen to some of the recent ones, and figure out the point you feel comfortable with. Then you can let us know (either here, or via email to admin@saysomethingin.com) what point you’d like to start up from, and either Deborah or I will set you at that point :slight_smile:

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