Old versus young

I’m currently working on Challenge 12 where the word “old” is introduced. Old comes before the noun (ex. hen dyn). However, last week, we were introduced to the word “young”. Young comes after the noun (ex. dyn ifranc). Why the difference in the word placement? Is there something I’m not getting?


No, you’re getting it just fine. Most adjectives come after the noun but some, not many, come before. Learn them as you go along. Trust yoursrlf. :grinning:


I can never decide whether I am old or young, and whether cart becomes before or after horse, or like diesel trains has a driver’s cab at each end, which the guard sits in facing away from windscreen and steering wheel - do observe on the Llandudno Junction-Llandudno Town shuttle service - and say ‘helo’ to the guard from me (again)!

I left “Brummish Smerrick” Smethwick Galton Bridge 6.30am for a night in Caernarfon looking a shabby 92 (at least), and was asked by 8.30pm on my return to rail station and bus-stop next day by Asian girls at that bus-flown-by-early-and-no-other-for-at-least-50mins-stop to guess their ages. I diplomatically replied “In your twenties?”, cue giggles, “no, just 18” - well I wasn’t wrong, was I? So your turn now - be truthful. Answer came back (diplomacy received in shovelfuls back) “Er, [quick confab] 29?”…

So I don’t know whether Welsh wants this as antescript or postscript to my studies, but SSiW refreshes/matures the parts that other courses of learning fail to reach.

They were genuinely gobsmacked when I told ‘em 59, 60 at year’s end. See?

Is there anything @gruntius and I, and others on this forum, are not getting? [Well, maybe let’s keep our answers clean! ;-). ]

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Yr hen broblem ifanc…

I have also just been perplexed by this! Are there any other examples where this occurs?

I’m afraid so @alexandra-greenwood :joy: One example that springs to mind is ordinal numbers. Usually the number comes before the ‘thing’ you’re numbering, except in the case of ‘1st’ eg the first house, the second house etc - y tŷ cyntaf. yr ail dŷ. y trydydd tŷ. y pedwerydd tŷ (ayyb)