Old material and Level 3

Neither Old Material or Level 3 seem to be operational to-day - or is it me?

@aran, @Kinetic ???

I can’t test right now but @harvey_fudge maybe you’d like to say some more about what does not work or how it “works” if there’s any working happening at all.

Level 3 seems to be working ok on my kindle.

Is this still a problem for you, Harvey?

I’ll test it on my laptop and iPad…
@aran @Kinetic I just tried 3.02. I didn’t actually want to do it now this minute so I just listened to the intro. Got a few sound glitches on the laptop, but seemed reasonably OK. On the ipad it was fine, no glitches at all. @harvey_fudge what device are you using?

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1322h. Everything seems to be working fine now. Thanks for the replies.


Interestingly for me on radio cymru today

Rhan o’r problem ydy…

Excellent. Love this course.