Oes dysgwyr cymraeg ym Mhatagonia? Any other learners in Patagonia?

Helo pawb, dw i yn Gaiman, Patagonia rwan tan diwedd mis hydref. Oes rhywyn o’r forum yma hefyd? Bydd o’n neis cwrdd a chi!

Hello everyone, I’m in Gaiman, Patagonia now until the end of October. Is anyone on the forum here too? It would be nice to meet you!

Translation added by @Deborah-SSi for those that can’t read Welsh yet.

Are you able to write in English, @deboraharbes? O tenemos que escribir en español?


Helo Deborah, Croeso! @aran likes us to use English on the Forum except in the “Be’ ‘dach chi’n…” thread, so new learners are not put off by a lot of written Welsh. If you are first language Spanish, that could be hard for you! If you are OK with English, ask any questions you have and someone will try to help!

If this is the person I think it is, then Cornish or German would work :slight_smile: (and English.)

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Hi, sorry I for the Welsh, I didn’t know the rule. Yes, english works for me. Maybe I should set up a new topic with the text in english then.
Hello Phillip, how are you?


Thanks @Deborah-SSi!

Welcome Deborah!

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Fine, thank you :slight_smile:

I more or less stopped my Cornish journey after the level 3 exam, though I still do flashcards, and went through the Memrise course when it came out. (And submitted some feedback, some of which resulted in changes/improvements to the course.)

Started Welsh in November 2016, then sort of stopped in May as I needed to reactivate my Slovak for an upcoming trip, then never sort of got back into it, but am trying to do so now.

Will be moving house tomorrow (eep! still not everything packed!) so will have to sort things out first there before really being able to get back into things.

How are you and how’s your Cornish? When did you start learning Welsh?

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Hi Deborah! I’m not in Gaiman currently, but I’ll be there starting on October 26th - will you still be around? :smile:

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Hi, yes I will still be there, until october 31st. Cool, we could meet at the Eisteddfod. Are you a linguist too? If you are, I think Luned has told me about you =)

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Hello Deborah,

I got as far as La Plata last year. Perhaps next time.

Hwyl fawr,


Yup, that’s me! Luned really does know everyone :slight_smile: It would be great to meet up at the Eisteddfod!

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