Not sure how to say...that he doesn't, that you hadn't, that i didn't

Hi, I’ve been listening to the end of Level 2, challenge 22 and I can’t quite make out how to say

  1. …that he doesn’t…
    2…that he hadn’t…
    3…that you hadn’t…
    4…that I didn’t…

It’s the structure of them that I’m not sure about…Can anybody write them out as they should be, please?

First off, in order to help us to give you a better answer, it’s usually a good idea to specifiy whether you are doing the southern or the northern version of the challenges. While in the long run the differences are not really huge, they do exist, and in this case the structures given in the courses differ a bit. Secondly, all the examples you list only have auxilliary verbs in them (do/have), and usually it is more helpful to see the whole structure complete with a “proper” verb in context.

  1. I said that he doesn’t want to go - Dwedais i nag yw e’n moyn mynd (S) - Ddudais i fod o ddim isio mynd (N)
  2. I said that he hadn’t told me anything - Dwedais i nag oedd e wedi dweud unrhywbeth wrtha i (S) - Ddudais i fod o ddim wedi deud unrhywbeth wrtha fi. (N)
  3. I said that you hadn’t told me what he’s trying to do. - Dwedais i nag wyt ti wedi dweud wrtha i beth mae fe’n trio gwneud. (S) - Ddudais i bod ti ddim wedi deud wrtha i beth mae o’n trio gwneud. (N)
  4. I said that I didn’t want to answer before you go - Dwedais i nag o’n i’n moyn ateb cyn i ti fynd. (S) - Ddudais i o’n i ddim isio ateb cyn i ti fynd. (N)

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Hi Kendrik, Sorry I missed the part about Southern or Northern out…I was brought up in north Wales but live in the South now.

What you’ve written is exactly what I needed, thanks…I couldn’t quite make out what was being said, and I find that if I write these things down, it helps me to remember…it’s really handy that you’ve written it all out for me. I’ll copy them into my book now (in a minute).
Thanks again and Cofion gorau…Jan

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