Noson Mari Lwyd gyda MAIR TOMOS IFANS * Mari Lwyd night with MAIR TOMOS IFANS

Just a quick post to put the word out for this event coming up in Wrecsam, it promises to be a really fun night.

Nos Lun 12 Ionawr, 7:00 yh ymlaen yn y Saith Seren, Wrecsam * Monday 12 January, from 7pm in the Saith Seren, Wrexham


Da iawn weloch’i Mywnhau!

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I see Heno are filming the event, Geraint - I’ll keep an eye out for you. Sounds like a great night!

Wish I could be there! I love the Mari Lwyd, but haven’t heard of anything round here.

That’s right Kym, I knew s4c were filming but didn’t know it was for Heno so at least I know where to look now, diolch.

Dee, there’s a tour I’ve seen posted somewhere for Cardiff bit obviously that’s no good for you anymore. That’s of no help whatsoever but thought id mention it anyway. :wink:

So they’re you go, it was a great night to be fair. Brilliant entertainment from Mair Tomos Ifans and Rhys Meirion and a good chance to chat with some new people.

Aled and a small crew were there from S4C and the rumour is that it will feature on Heno tomorrow night … just a rumour though. :wink:

No rumour it’s in the schedule:
19:00 Heno
Tonight will celebrate the old New Year’s Eve at The Seven Stars, Wrexham.

Fantastic, diolch Kym. That’s something to look forward to. I’ll have to watch it on catch up I think because we’re going out for tea tomorrow night. :fork_and_knife:

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Great photo, Geraint!!! :sunny:

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Great to see, Geraint talking on tonights, Heno, show. :clap:


Diolch Kym, lots of erms and ahs but I’m really happy to have appeared on the telebox on my birthday! It doesn’t get much better than that. :blush::dancer:

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You can see, Geraint in the segment 12/13 minutes in.

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