Northern Bootcamps

When, where and how much, next year?

Not sure :sunny:

[And that really is all I can say right now - we’ve been thinking long and hard about the format, and we’ve got the Monte Carlo intensive fortnight looking extremely likely to go ahead - and I was talking the other day with the founder of Nant Gwrtheyrn about doing an intensive fortnight there as well… so we’re really a bit muddied on our exact options right now, I’m afraid…]

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That’s a very interesting idea.


I agree, Mike!

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I would be VERY interested in this as long as it was under the organisation of Aran and co not the people at Nant Gwertheyrn!!! In fact, please put me at the top of the list.

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I would love a northern boot camp. I have a very young family and couldn’t do a whole week away from the children. It would be lovely to arrange some sort of camping trip to keep costs down, be able to be emerged in the Welsh language and activities and still be able to participate in family life while not having to travel too far from home.

We don’t do anything for less than a week at the moment, because for people who still need to neurological change that Bootcamp offers, less time doesn’t get the results - so I’d recommend you look around for Welsh weekends offered by the existing Welsh for Adults providers :slight_smile: There are usually quite a few on (although maybe less so during the summer?).