North / South Wordlist

Hi…Does anyone have a list of words that are different between S & N?
e.g. Cake = Teisen = Cacen

or something like that.

Sorry if its been posted before!

Diolch! :slight_smile:


Rwan & Nawr = now. Looks like the same word backwards :grin:. Not really.


Like most of these, that’s not strictly a North vs. South thing - There are plenty of southern districts that would naturally use cacen rather than teisen.

I suppose the classic examples would be:

Hogan/Merch (or Croten) - Girl
Hogyn/Bachgen (or Crwtyn) - Boy
Nain/Mam-gu - Grandmother
Taid/Tad-cu - Grandfather
Llefrith/Llaith - Milk
Lle Chwech/Tŷ Bach - Toilet
Ffordd/Heol - Road
Panad/Dish(gl)ed - Cuppa
Nionyn/Winwnsyn - Onion
Fferins (or Dada in Môn)/Losin (or Taffis in Cwm Tawe) - Sweets
Grisiau/Stâr - Stairs


Ha, never noticed that!! :smiley:

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Diolch…that’s really useful actually!! :wink:

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GYDA in the North.
Sorry if this is a bit Chapelly. I’ve noticed that Gyda/Gyd a/gida, not efo, still seems to be used in Chapels in N Wales. Even in informal (non-traditional) meetings lead by youngsters. Also in the new colloquial bible.

Is it just a case of old habits dying hard and no one wanting to be too modern?