North American Festival of Wales and SSIW

This festival click here is being held in Minneapolis, Minnesota Aug. 28-31. I will be setting up a table in the marketplace (the fee of which is generously being paid for by Dick Donohoe and Phyllis Stringer of the Welsh North American Assoc.) to spead the word about SSIW. As I will be talking to people about SSIW, I am trying to familiarize myself with how the site would feel to a new user interested in the courses.
I’ve just read this click here -although a lot of it went over my head,I have no idea what tags and phpBB are, so I know that the site is still very much in a state of flux, but as I will be talking to people over the 4 days of the festival about SSIW , I need to be able to explain to people whats going on.
I’ve never had a problem finding what I was looking for on the new site as I’ve been a member long enough that I understand where to look, but when I logged out of my account and tried to think like someone who’s never been here before, things seem a bit confusing

  • on the landing page the linkclick here to the how-to pages takes you to #3 from where you can go to #2 (now irrelevant but a new user wouldn’t know that) and then to #1, Getting Started - important info if you haven’t gotten confused by #2 and stopped reading.
  • OR from #3 How to page you can go to #4 (more good info but with an incorrect link) or on to #5 - more incorrect info.
  • Accessing the How to pages from the FAQ tab solves some of these issues if a first time user hadn’t gotten too frustrated from following the link on the landing page., and the FAQ pages themselves are full of links that don’t take you where they say they do. Specifically the link to the ‘1st SSIW press release’ is one I would like to know about because that would be nice to have printed up for folks to see at the table. Is it this one? click here

So I imagine you at the towers know about all this and I can just explain the situation with the developing site, right? After all, the most important things, the lessons, work perfectly.
And also, is it in the plans at some point to have an official formatting guide for posts? I found this threadclick here and was able to do all I wanted to do in this post but a new user might wonder…I realize that most people nowadays are probably more computer literate than myself but there might be some folks like me whose everyday lives don’t include a lot of computer-speak.
All input, advice much appreciated,

Hi Deb! Thank you so much for doing this - I look forward hugely to hearing how it all goes…:star:

Yes, I’m afraid we’re in quite a state of flux at the moment - Ifan is full speed ahead working on integrating Discourse, and we hope to be able to showcase that on the Spanish side of things in the fairly near future - at which point, if people feel good about it, we might have it on here soon afterwards…

I’m wary of wading into all the various updating of info pages until we know we’re going to be settled somewhere for a while! Which my gut instinct tells me will probably be once we’ve got Discourse plugged in as our standard approach…

So if you say that access to the lessons should be nice and easy, and that the forum is currently on a ‘jump in and see if you find it useful’ approach, that would probably be the best bet for now…:smile:

Aran said

So if you say that access to the lessons should be nice and easy, and that the forum is currently on a ‘jump in and see if you find it useful’ approach, that would probably be the best bet for now…Happy

Perffaith! diolch, Aran.

so have I got this right?

  • not registered

        Access to the the 1st lesson of both Course 1's only.
  • registered

        All of old course 1(36 lessons) available plus weekly speaking and istening practices available 
        All of new course 1 plus new listening practices available
        Can read the forum.
  • Subscription

        3.95 GBP for Welsh only, on a card based subscription
        Access to all Welsh material
        Can post on the forum

Since I joined on the old system, I just want to be up to speed on the new system. Logging out doesn’t give me the same access to the site as a new user so thanks for the help!

PS: tried to put a smilie in but it didn’t work!

That all sounds correct, except that you can post to the forum without a subscription - all you need is a free account on the site. :slight_smile:

As for smilies - if you really want a little yellow smiling circle, typing \:smile\: will do it for you. However, good old-fashioned smilies made out of punctuation are left intact - like my ones in this message. I admit this is entirely a personal preference of mine :wink:

Diolch Ifan, much appreciated! :slight_smile:

I’m a bit confused, too. Could you post the exact URL that newbies who want to sign up for SSIW should use to go to the least-confusing, most-straightforward place to learn about SSIW and sign up for the lessons? and click on ‘Welsh’.

Or which will take them straight there…:smile:

Diolch! Wanted to be sure that the ‘old ways’ still function well.

I think this went quite well for spreading the word. I had a spiffy table set up (sorry no pic - forgot to put the battery back in my camera after charging) with a banner and info sheets to read and had lots of folks show interest. All of the 88 little flyers I printed up were taken. I really enjoyed sharing my love of SSIW…
I also had the chance to use my Welsh with a number of visitors from Wales which left me totally charged!
The seminars by Lord Dafydd Wigley and Elinor Bennett were fascinating and wonderful .All in all, It was a really helpful experience for me on this Welsh journey of mine so

Diolch unwaith eto i SSIW. -:slight_smile:

Deb, that’s so fantastic. Diolch o waelod calon i ti…:star: