Norfolk clwb siarad meet up tomorrow night

hi, we meet up tomorrow( Thursday night) at the Bull Pub, High street, East Dereham at 7.30 pm. Welcome to all.

Hope you folk have a good time…:slight_smile:

Thanks Aran. We were reduced in numbers tonight because of the easter break. So we were three male SSIWers. Mark and David are at different stages on the SSIW course. Mark has been coming to the meet ups since we started 15 months ago and David about 4 months ago. We all spoke in Welsh pretty much throughout. You would be so proud to hear their fantastic standard of Welsh… All due to SSIW. You can imagine how our first language speakers feel when they come along.

That sounds truly remarkable - llongyfarchiadau mawr iawn to you all. I’m really looking forward to starting to build some more tools to help all the people running meetups - you’re making an heroic difference :seren:

Meet up tomorrow… ClwbSiarad Norfolk…Thursday 19th June.
New venue… The King’s Head, Norwich Street , East Dereham 7.30 pm… we’re going to play a card game … All welcome who love the Welsh Language

Next Meet up… Thursday Night 7.30 , 24th July 2014…
The King’s head, Norwich Street, East Dereham

Croeso cynnes i bawb sydd yn caru yr iaith Gymraeg.

just before I go on holiday , next meet up in Norfolk is Thursday 28th August 2014 , meeting at the king’s head, Norwich Street, East Dereham , 7.30pm to 21.30. Croeso mawr i bawb