No Weekly Email for a few weeks

Pob lwc i ti Dee


Thanks everyone. Looks like a weekend in Pembrokeshire. Lovely view from the new ward I’m in.


Dal ati - pawb yma yn meddwl amdanat…


Here’s a voice from the past. It was exactly this date, June 17, one year ago, that David and I landed in Wales from Canada for our grand adventure to try out our Welsh, meet some great new people at bootcamp and wonder at the beauties of the countyside in North and South Wales. Haven’t had much chance to practise Welsh since we returned. David is studying Japanese and I’m working on my sign language (deaf granddaughter. )I browse the forum often. It brings back great memories and some new words and expressions in Welsh. I plan to get back to Level 2 soon in hopes of returning to Wales (though not driving this time!!!) All the best, Dee.
Hwyl am y tro, Nan Doe


Hi Dee, just sending get well wishes and hoping you are on the mend. :smiley:


Thanks to everyone for their best wishes. I finally made it home from hospital yesterday so it’s now time to get some rest (not much sleep in hospitals!). If I can keep my eyes open long enough I might just start having a peek at the Manx lessons :smile:


Shush, rest first, Manx later… :wink:


YAY! :smile:

Now, obey @aran and rest first! :slight_smile:

I’m glad you’re home, really and hope it all goes right now. :slight_smile:


Would you like someone to pop round and make you a pot of tea?
I know someone who’d do the popping, although it would take a few hours to get there :wink::grin:


Everyone finds this!! Are any of our folk medics or nurses? There should surely be some way of letting patients sleep without drugging them???
Glad to hear you are home, Dee! Have you seen
about S4C’s future
The whole report is at:
A liitle light reading for convalescence?!! :grinning: :thumbsup:
Seriously, get some sleep first and lots of rest… mind the report might be good for inducing sleep!!!

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I am extremely lucky to have my daughter, Danielle, here with me. As soon as she heard I needed surgery she took leave from work and flew over from Australia. As an added bonus she is a qualified nurse so I’m being well looked after :sunny: but love the offer :smile:


So pleased to hear about your daughter :smile:.
Take your time…


Wonderful for you both! Hope she has time to stay on and see something of Cymru! Do you find typing on the computer a strain? If not, I have issued a plea, but ignore it if you are tired or not interested!
it’s politics, so ignore or click here!

Hi Dee.

I hope you are well on the mend after your stay in hospital.

It’s exactly a year since we met on last year’s June bootcamp in Tresaith. You were very supportive to me as a bootcamp newbie, and I’m very grateful to you.

I’m making slow but steady progress with my Cymraeg. I’m doing a week of Aber Uni’s Cwrs Haf in August.

I hope our paths cross again …

Cofion cynnes,

David Cumner


Shwmae bawb! I’m back and working on the the email for tomorrow. Thanks to Aran for stepping in while I was having a break.

Diolch yn fawr for all the good wishes. I had my first go at driving since surgery yesterday - not a great distance, but it felt really good to be a bit more independent again.

Could those of you responsible for the various meetups please let me know if you’re having a break over the summer, or, if your meetup date was already in the past in the last email, let me know when the next one will be.



Dwi’n hapus iawn! I do hope you are really, really better.


Croeso nol, cariad.
Now take it easy till you feel completely recovered. :sleeping:


Hi Dee, it’s good to know you’re up and about, just to say there’s no planned break in the
Newport meetings. The next one is due on Saturday the 9th, as usual I’ll post it on the forum later in the week.
Regards Dave.


Glad to see you back @Deborah-SSi. I hope everything goes absolutely well from now on!


Good to see you you back Dee. Don’t work too hard.

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