No to soundcloud

I have decided not to try and record to SoundCloud again, I find the process very frustrating. My last attempt failed miserably. It seems a long winded process. I hope this will not affect my progress. Advise please.

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I think the in-house solution the tech team have been working on (to avoid having to use Soundcloud at all) is almost ready, but in the meantime there is also this way around it - Speaking Practice challenges without Sound Cloud - SEE HERE!


Thank you. Much appreciated.

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On the plus side, using the recorder is a great way of building up confidence for the first time of speaking welsh. I cancelled my first sentence about five times before uploading it - Don’t tell Siaron, though :wink:

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And you probably think all my uploaded recordings are first-takes too… hahahahaha. Nope! :wink:

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I just started the 6 Minutes a Day course, which apparently has the new recording tool. It was effortless to use!