Nice blog about 'why learn Welsh'

Nice article and SSIW gets a namecheck under reason 6 “you meet nice people” :wink:


I get the feeling this Indymam would get along really well with most of the people on this forum!


Great blog . She’s right about Sebona Fi . Love that song !

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Very nice read.

You become part of a Welsh wildlife corridor, a network of Welsh language hedgerows in which other Welsh speakers can ymgartrefu (make themselves at home).

Love the idea of ‘habitat’! Will try and be habitat as much as possible from now on!


Great blog piece.

It reminded me of learning and that community feeling you get with welsh learners.

Doubtless fuelled by beer after last night in Saith Seren I saw someone on the train that i had seen there earlier

‘Helo’ I said “oeddet ti yn Saith Seren heno?”

“dwi’n dysgu cymraeg”, he replied, and then continued in english, he’d started in September and is moving to Fintshire soon. I told him about SSIW and Saith Seren.

As he got off he said ‘nos da’.

Despite not speaking much welsh with him it left me with a warm feeling you get when attempting to speak the language.


She’s a very nice lady, met her at some of the IndyWales rallies.

I didn’t recognise the name of Sebona Fi but recognised it when I clicked through to hear it - It’s helped me muster myself to actually get up a few mornings when played on the radio alarm clock!