I haven’t received a News Letter for several weeks, is it just me or is it general? Also is there any idea when the new Southern Level 2 will be completed? Maybe I’ve missed some info. on these, if so my apologies.

The newsletter has been going out - it might be worth checking your spam folder, and adding to your safe senders and/or address list…

For southern Level 2 - we’re in the middle of discussions to get up and running with a new voice - once that’s done, we should be able to publish a lot of new material comparatively quickly - so if you can hang tough for another couple of weeks, it should all get a lot better… :sunny:

A new voice? :frowning: That makes me sad - I like the old ones (but understand, of course).


It’s very important for us not to create any unfair pressures - and it’s also very important for us to keep providing new material - so this seems the right way for now, although it will always be possible to produce more material with familiar voices when it fits in… :sunny:

In the medium term, actually, I’d really love our learners to be able to choose from a range of voices - I think that would be a really good thing - so maybe this will turn out to be a step in that direction…

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Pirate, please

mae’r allweddi arrrrrrrrgh y bwrdd


Thanks for this Aran. I have added this to my safe senders but don’t know why it this has happened as I’ve always received the newsletter in the past but computers seem to have a mind of their own sometimes!

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Oh, ain’t that the truth!..:wink:

@valerie - if you still don’t get it (it usually comes out on Tuesdays) you might just try re-subscribing here.

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Yes, I’m compiling this week’s right now and it will be going out in a couple of hours so give sionned’s suggestion a try if you don’t get it.

Diolch yn fawr Sionned a Dee. I have re-subscribed so hopefully we will be back in ‘buisness’ next week.

Hello Dee,
As it happens I changed my e-mail address just before Christmas and haven’t had a newsletter since, although I did e-mail Aran to let him know and had my usual efficient reply at once, but I am wondering if it didn’t get through to your contacts list. Anyway I have re-subscribed as per Sionnned’s suggestion so am keeping fingers crossed that it will work.
I am still, of course, paying my subscription and getting a tremendous amount of help with the courses and advice on the forums.

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I hope it works for you! If you have any old newsletters in your email anywhere, the easiest way to change an email address is to go to the bottom of the email where there is a link to change your subscriber details. It all happens ‘behind the scenes’ so I don’t have a contact list anywhere that I can alter.

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Dear @Deborah-SSi
How many newsletters do you send? Can you tell how many are outside Wales? It would be very helpful if I had an idea how many potential petition signers we have!!

I don’t actually see the list of names or email addresses. They are compiled automatically when people register to receive the newsletter and I have no idea where they live. There are about 10,300 subscribers at the moment :slight_smile:

We need better incentive to get them signing!! I’m not sure what!!

Thanks for your suggestion Sionned & Dee, re-registered and Newsletter came through this morning!

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My thanks also had my first newsletter for some time yesterday!

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