Newport meet ups

Sorry - missed this one too. Let me know when the next one is.
Thanks! Rhian

Is there going to be a permanent change? I’ll need to update the newsletter :slight_smile:

Hi Dee , the Cwtsh meetings are organised by Thomas Hughes for Menter Iath Casnewydd and run every week. The “official” SSIW meeting is unchanged on the second Saturday in
the month.
There is a meeting in Cwmbran central library next Saturday also, ten 'til midday. Cor y Dreigiau will be singing straight after the meeting in aid of Tenovus.

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Sorry, I misread the earlier post, but good to see the opportunities for speaking Welsh are growing in our south east corner!

There’s a Welsh Walk tomorrow (26/3/19) from 2pm til 4pm at Allt-yr-ynn Nature Reserve. We’ll be meeting outside the Ridgeway cafe. SaySomethingInWelshers are more than welcome! Details on the poster below:

Hwyl am y tro!


One for the younger crowd - 18-30s!

Menter Iaith Casnewydd and Menter BGTM will be holiding a social night in Newport on 10/4/19 .

We’ll start off at the Swyddle Welsh language jobs event at Tiny Rebel before moving onto the Pub Quiz at Le Pub. Get in touch if you want to come along!

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Reminder that the Menter Iaith Welsh social meet-up takes place tonight at 7pm, Tiny Rebel on High Street. SaySomethingInWelshers more than welcome!

Hi all, come on down to the library in john frost square tomorrow morning for
a chance to practice your welsh. Top floor where the dead coffee machine is
between ten and twelve o’clock,it’ll be fun.:wink:


Bore da pawb
because the library and the cwtsh are both shut there will be a get together in
hortens cafe, usual ten 'til twelve. That’s the opposite side of the river from friars walk
over the footbridge. Saturday coming.20th.

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The Cwtsh will be closed on Saturday so Ron has arranged a special Easter meeting at Horton’s Cafe on Millennium Walk next to the footbridge. Croeso i bawb!

Chwarae teg, just realised that Dave has beaten me to it! :laughing:

A date for your diaries… the bimonthly bilingual quiz returns to the Gol Centre on Nash Road (next to Lliswerry School) on Friday 17th May! Questions are in Welsh first then repeated in English - it’s a great opportunity to practice your Welsh.

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Hi everybody, it’s the second Saturday of the month again so come on down to John Frost square library. Ten 'til twelve, top floor, see the new coffee machine, what
a treat.

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you went all Bertie Wooster there, what!

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I say old bean, steady on!

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Menter Iaith Casnewydd will be holding a Welsh walk in Caerleon next week! 2pm - 4pm on Tuesday, 21st May.

We will visit Lodge Hill Fort (an Iron Age hillfort originally inhabited by the Silures). Details on the poster below:

Just a reminder that the bilingual quiz takes place tonight at the Gol Centre on Nash Road in Lliswerry!

Saturday the 8th,top floor Newport library,ten 'til twelve. Come and have a chat!
it’s free and you’ll enjoy it.:wink:

Fancy taking in the scenic delights of the 'Port? Join us on our walk (yn Gymraeg!) along the Wales Coastal Path on Tuesday 18th June. Details on the poster below:

Our Bimonthly Bilingual Quiz takes place on Friday! Croeso i bawb!

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