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Is there a way to have the newest posts show first when you open a thread? Some of these threads have over 1000 posts.

@tatjana any ideas on this?

Under the first post in any thread you’ll see it says “created “ and then “last reply” - if you click on last reply, you should go straight to the last comment in the thread. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks. Never saw that.

I have to take the opportunity to say that the SSiW forum is the most well-designed and user friendly forum I have ever seen! You really have thought of how to include anything a user might want to be able to do, simply & smoothly.

If you’re on the PC the simplest way is just to press CTRL+END (key Control and key end). You can also grab the tracking band at the right side and slide it to the bottom.

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Diolch Tatjana! I always slide the band down, but I’ve sometimes wondered if there were a more efficient way :slight_smile: