New year welsh present

Well after a great christmas and new year despite no internet for 6 days, intermittent electricity cuts just prior to cooking turkey and now no themostat on the boiler and the plumber away on holiday decided yesterday to treat myself to a new years present–fesul gair a collection of welsh poems. What would you choose as a welsh pick-me-up for the New Year?


Yikes, that sounds like a hair-rising time of it! Hope it all gets sorted before too long - I’m sure Welsh poetry will help you get through it… :wink:

My Welsh pick-me-up… ymmmmmmm… okay, okay, no pretences, it’d have to be Penderyn… :slight_smile:

[feeling much less cultured than some others]


I’m feeling lucky because there’s a block of Caerphilly cheese in the fridge with my name on it. And I’m rather enjoying ‘Singing in Chains’ (thanks for the lend @johnwilliams_6 :grinning:), AND Craith starts tonight. Welshy woo, you might say. Definitely a good pick me up!
@sharonmonks - we too had no thermostat! I feel your pain! Our oven stopped working as well, but it had the good grace to do it after Christmas dinner. Hope you have it all sorted soon.


What awful luck! I have to admit that Cathryn Cariad products are my idea of a treat! Or Nomnom bars!


What a coincidence have just sent away for singing in chains too.

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Just looked at cathryn cariad. They look absolutely yummy. :grinning:

Taste pretty good too! I order them on line!

I think my best present would be enough spare time to sit and read ALL the Welsh books that I’ve bought from the Bargain Box at previous National Eisteddfods in time to treat myself to more at the next Eisteddfod without feeling guilty :grin: