New Year Resolutions

Some great news to end 2017. We DID it! Say Something in Welsh Kiva team members have now made 580 loans to people in 64 countries, totalling $20,000!!

I have a good feeling about 2018, which is the year in which I am finally going to crack this lovely language, or die trying! My scariest resolution is to find a native Welsh speaker or two to have regular practice with, as well as my long-suffering fellow learners. Anyone else have a resolution they’d like to share?

Blwyddyn Newydd Dda (Happy New Year) to everyone at SSiW!


Next time we visit it’ll be Welsh only!!

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Nefi blw!

New year resolution?

Mae’n rhaid i ni siarad un waith eto … :slight_smile: (We have to chat once again.)

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The resolution that I kept best was not to make any more New Year Resolutions… :slight_smile:

(Not quite true, actually… :wink: ).


Gwych! WAW. Anhygoel… :star: :star2: :sunny:

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