New Year Progress

Just a quick update to say that I have just finished Course 1 (New), having started it after Bootcamp in July, and previously completing Old Course 1 & 2.

I have really enjoyed the New Course and can’t wait for the next! In the meantime I will make a start with Course 2 Vocab units to keep me ticking over.

I have found ‘normal’ conversation so much easier since completing the new course and can chat much more easily at the Monthly Chat Session I go to near Wrexham.

Happy New Year all, I hope your Welsh learning this year is even more succesful than last !!!



You won’t have to wait all that much longer…:wink:

Great to hear that you’re doing so well! Llongyfarchiadau mawr. You’re firmly into the enjoyable stage now when you’ll gradually realise more and more clearly that you are indeed a genuine Welsh speaker :thumbsup:

Llongyfarchiadau. Sounds like you’re making good progress.

Da iawn A-Jay, I found the new course 1 a real pleasure to do also. Keep up the great work, Wrecsam needs more Welsh speakers like us. :wink:

Great to hear that the second part is on the way too Aran. Always exciting to get on with gwersi newydd sbon.

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Life seemed to get in the way in 2014, what with holidays and weddings. So I’m restarting my studies. A quick whistlestop tour through all the lessons I did before I ground to a halt, then I will keep going at a gentle place. Sadly my local language centre doesn’t offer Welsh classes any longer, which is a dreadful shame, so I will have to try and make the effort to go to the local SSiW group more often.

Unless it’s too late, can I recommend strongly that you just go through the last three lessons you did? They’ll feel challenging, but they’ll also reactivate the vast majority of what you’ve learnt without you needing to slog through everything :sunny:

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Sorry to hear about that David. Did you get to take the exam at all?



Nice to hear you’re back in business. I’ve always enjoyed reading your updates.

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Thanks for the messages… it is always great to hear from others on the same journey! Wrecsam definitely needs more Welsh speakers, I have heard more spoken in Shrewsbury and Chester!

David, I know how it feels when life ‘gets in the way’. It has happened to me more than once but it is definitely a positive! If you follow Aran’s advice you will quickly learn how much is in your long term memory when it all comes flooding back.

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It’s good advice - unfortunately I can’t currently remember where I got to. I did course 1 lessons 1-3 whilst reading The Guardian, which I took as encouraging, it’s obviously deeply engrained in me! I might skip fowards to the beginning of course 2 and see what happens.

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That’s what I did. I jumped around a bit until I found something that was comfortable.