New year of Welsh classes in Australia - great read

If you haven’t read Liz’s latest blog post already, it’s a real treat - absolutely fantastic to hear the enthusiasm being generated over there:

And what a genuinely superb example she’s been of how to combine audio lessons with a classroom setting - it’s a model I think could be hugely valuable in lots of different classrooms.


This was total pleasure to read, Elizabeth and had loads of thoughts running around in my head.

“My job was simply to facilitate conversation.”

That’s the approach we’ve been taking at our Rochester, Kent meet-ups and it’s been very illuminating to see…Hopefully, the others agree with one small amendment - "Our job is to facilitate conversation" : each and everyone of us…
What your doing, Elizabeth, is inspiring. Awstralia am Byth!

O, Aran! Bedal fel Y Diawl!

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