New to course(s) 6 minute and Challenge and confused

Yesterday when I signed up for the 6 minute a day course (and took the six month challenge as a free bonus), I immediately got a six minute lesson, which i did right away and had fun. But now when I log on it seems I only get the challenge lessons (30 minutes per lesson?) and I can’t find the other course. How do I do this? And do you recommend switching back and forth between courses? Diolch.

Hi Lynne - that sounds like a slight hiccup our end - the 6 minute lesson you got is part of our bite-sized ‘one sentence’ intro (there are only 5 of them) - which shouldn’t have been what was shown to you once you’d signed up for the 6 minute a day course - the 6 minute a day course uses the longer lessons, and you can either break them up (if you specifically want to do 6 minutes every day) or use them in longer blocks - the emails and control panel will help you get used to this, as will the tasks - so don’t worry, there aren’t two different courses for you to be switching back and forth between… :slight_smile: