New timing details: Fancy being an extra in a pub in Cardiff on the 16th of October?

The awesome people at have got a filming day sorted out for the first few new videos to promote SSiW…

It’s going to be on the 16th of October - so that’s a week tomorrow…

And they need some people in the background to drink, talk, laugh and look natural (I suppose!).

I’ve just asked for confirmation of the timings involved - but if you’d like to be immortalised in what we hope are going to be a wildly successful set of promotional films, you’ll be doing us an ENORMOUS favour if you could drag yourself along and have a drink or two in the right pub (The Grange, I think)…

If you put your hand up in here, I’ll PM you the details to get in contact with Memet and Dave… :slight_smile:

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Dammo! I’m working! :triumph:
You’ll just have to reschedule!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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arghgghgghgh… why does work always get in the way of good stuff?! :wink:

The Grange, this is my stomping ground. I’m a regular in The Cornwall around the corner :relieved:

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Little bit of extra clarity here…

There are two slots they’re looking to get background ‘liveliness’ happening for…

One is from 9.30 to 1, and then from 2 until 5.30.

Anybody who could do either of those would be incredibly, incredibly helpful - if you CAN make either of them, please please sing out in here so that I can pass your details on to Memet… :slight_smile: :star: :star2:

Oh, and if you can make it, we’ll cheerfully stand you a drink, to give you something to do while you try and look as though you’re having interesting conversations… :wink:

I’m away today or I would have loved to. Pob lwc.

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