New stuff - you asked for it, you got it

OK guys, I’ve just gone live with a bunch of changes from this weekend. :slight_smile:

The biggish stuff:

  • Search has been improved. It now supports multiple search terms properly - i.e. you can type more than one word and it’ll search for threads containing all those words, but not necessarily all together. It will match threads even if the search terms all appear in separate posts within the thread; however, the more search terms occur together in the same post as one another, the higher the thread will be in the search rankings. It’s also possible to search for multi-word search terms by putting them in quotes (“like this”). Finally, the search result previews on the left now display more consistently.

  • The system now asks for confirmation before performing any action which might result in the loss of a half-written message.

  • Relatedly, the cancel buttons are back by popular request! But as above, it should now ask for confirmation before getting rid of your messages, so there shouldn’t be any need to worry about hitting it by mistake.

  • Also by popular request - and because I wanted one - there is now a message preview feature. :smiley:

And the smallish stuff:

  • People’s names are now coloured in the forum according to their moderator or admin status, the same as on the old one. (As a reminder - green people are ‘angels’, AKA forum moderators, and red ones are administrators.)

  • Clicking on the ‘New reply’ button now scrolls the whole reply box into view ready to be typed into.

  • As an experiment, the entries in the list on the left have been trimmed down a bit. What do you think? Is it too cramped now, or is it better to be able to fit more in?

  • The ‘New Post’ button has been moved slightly to the right at Diane’s request. :wink:

  • The header bar has been made slightly lighter and its text slightly thicker, as some of you were having trouble reading it on certain screens.

  • The wording has been changed slightly on the message paging buttons, as it was confusing some people.

  • The blue ‘Forum’ button above now shows even if you’re not logged in, so that nobody gets confused wondering where the button went. :slight_smile:

Anyway, sorry that this update doesn’t address all the issues yet - I promise I’ll get round to it in due course! But in the meantime, diolch yn fawr for your patience, and as always, if you find broken stuff, please say so :slight_smile:

Have you been up all night doing this Ifan? Well done fella, really appreciate all your hard work! Go and treat yourself to an Easter egg…:wink:

Thanks Vaughan :slight_smile: Well, in my defence, I’m in America so it’s not quite as late here… :wink:

Nice work, Ifan The Mighty!

Good work fella, you’re certainly putting the hours in.

I still can’t get on with it on my phone but I am making an effort. It’s not too bad on the tablet but I’m not allowed on there very often. :wink:

Thanks Ifan!

Wow Ifan that’s amazing, you don’t hang about!

Gwaith gwych, diolch o galon…:seren:

I’d like just to (re)emphasise the point that Ifan has done this set of fixes entirely on his own time, which is way above and beyond the call of duty.

We’re always grateful to have hiccups pointed out and improvements suggested, but I’d also be very grateful if comments were made in a calm, positive way, without undue repetition, so that we manage to avoid putting so much pressure on Ifan that he starts giving up his free time on a regular basis.

This is coming along nicely isn’t it? Starting to look proper forum-ish! I like the use of colour to identify the users/admins etc. Gwaith Ardderchog Ifan! Delighted

Ti'n seren Ifan!

Diolch o galon ychan, am dy “egni kinetic”. :slight_smile:
What’s all this about America? You’re not being poached by Zuckerberg, are you? :frowning:

Just tested the Search functionality looking for an item for the weekly email and it was really fast! I know we don’t have much on here yet, but it really was a split second before it appeared - very neat and clean as well somehow.

I haven’t experimented with the new fixes yet, but wow, Ifan, that’s a huge amount of great work. Diolch yn fawr (a diolch yn enwedig am symud y botwm 'na)!

Ie - diolch yn fawr, Ifan.

Fast feedback. A big thumbs up on the readability and ‘process’ (confirm/cancel/preview/reply window) changes, plus on moving the button. Very impressed that you’ve implemented a relevance ranking in Search, and looking forward to playing. :-). Question: What is the expected behavior when you click on a search result (what post do you go to, do you see highlighting, etc.)?

Not right now; it just opens the thread in the usual suboptimal way, I’m afraid. Better things will come, though.